General Purpose

13 Products

BT-1008 Industrial Grade Masking Tape
$100.80/case to $159.60/case

$2.80/roll to $6.65/roll

BT-1095 General Purpose Foam Bonding Tape
$158.50/case to $513.00/case

$15.85/roll to $51.30/roll

BT-190 14-Day Clean Removal Paint Masking Tape
$111.00/case to $148.80/case

$3.13/roll to $6.20/roll

BT-208 Utility Grade Masking Tape
$92.40/case to $123.00/case

$3.30/roll to $5.13/roll

BT-257 Industrial Grade Duct Tape


BT-300 Packaging Grade Filament Tape
$300.60/case to $435.60/case

$6.40/roll to $18.15/roll

BT-3089 Multi-Purpose Vinyl Tape


BT-416A Utility Grade Carton Sealing Tape- Cold Weather Adhesive
$65.70/case to $66.00/case

$1.83/roll to $2.75/roll

BT-416 Utility Grade Carton Sealing Tape
$81.90/case to $82.20/case

$2.28/roll to $3.43/roll

BT-48 PVC Electrical Insulating Tape