Why More Industries Are Turning to Adhesives for Their Assembly Needs

Are you looking to streamline your R&D process for your next manufacturing project?

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April 28, 2023 at 9:16:20 AM PDT April 28, 2023 at 9:16:20 AM PDTth, April 28, 2023 at 9:16:20 AM PDT

Adhesives could be the solution to optimizing your assembly process. Since adhesives can offer a more efficient and effective solution for joining materials compared to traditional mechanical fasteners, this could lead to: 

Efficiency and Performance: Adhesives can distribute stress more evenly, reduce vibration, and improve the overall strength of the joint. On top of that, adhesives can be applied quickly and easily, which can save time and reduce labor costs. Drilling holes will also reduce the quality of the product by weakening the structure. A peel and stick solution will not only increase efficiency, but also increase the quality of the product.

Compatibility and Design Flexibility: Adhesives can also offer greater design flexibility compared to mechanical fasteners. Adhesives can be used to join dissimilar materials and can be applied in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. A huge benefit is how adhesives can provide a clean and more aesthetically pleasing appearance, since they do not leave unsightly deformities or marks on the surface. Additionally, adhesives can offer improved insulation, damping, and sound-deadening properties if required.

Lightweight Solutions: The growing use of adhesives in place of mechanical fasteners or liquid adhesives across various industries has revolutionized manufacturing processes. By providing stronger, more efficient, and lightweight bonding solutions, adhesives have become a preferred choice in industries like transportation, where high bond tapes have been successful replacing mechanic fasteners. Other industries include aerospace, electronics, and medical devices. 

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