What is masking tape used for?

Almost all industries are bound to use masking tape!

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September 12, 2023 at 3:54:53 PM PDT September 12, 2023 at 3:54:53 PM PDTth, September 12, 2023 at 3:54:53 PM PDT

Masking Tape is loved for its versatility and ease of use. Almost everyone is bound to have a roll of masking tape in their junk drawer at home! Did you know that industries like construction and automotive use masking tape in their day-to-day operations?

Here are some common uses of masking tape: 

Automotive Painting

Automotive companies love using BT-7051 Ultra Violet™ for painting! Why? Ultra Violet™ offers clean removal up to 28 days in direct UV exposure and is temperature resistance up to 300° for 30 minutes. 

Surface Protection 

Clean Green® is a unique masking product used across many industries. Clean Green® is chemical and solvent resistant, making it successful for heavier masking applications such as epoxy flooring, screen print masking, and surface protection. Clean Green® is also clean removal for up to 60 days outdoors and six-months indoors! 

General Painting

Killer Bee® is a premium masing tape created specifically for professional painters. Killer Bee® takes the STING out of residue with up to 30 day outdoor clean removal and six months indoor clean removal! Killer Bee® is also lacquer and water resistant, creating the cleanest lines! 

Marine Masking 

Marine companies enjoy BT-7065, a high-performance green masking tape! BT-7065 provides clean paint edges, can withstand multiple drying cycles, and offers up to seven days of UV resistance for outdoor applications. Another great option is BT-908, which offers conformability to irregular surfaces and clean removal. 

General Purpose

Almost all industries are bound to use masking tape! BT-208 is a utility grade masking tape used for a variety of purposes like marking, masking, and bundling.

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