Trade Show Tape Kit

With the return of trade shows, it’s important to have all your tape supplies ready!

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September 7, 2023 at 8:44:39 AM PDT September 7, 2023 at 8:44:39 AM PDTth, September 7, 2023 at 8:44:39 AM PDT

With the return of trade shows, it’s important to have all your tape supplies ready!

Trip Hazards & Carpet Hold Down

Trade show buildings and convention centers usually have a concrete floor. The carpet along the aisles is commonly laid down with double sided carpet tape, like BT-437 or BT-4001. That tape could be in your booth too! Carpet edges can become trip hazards if not laid down and secured properly. 

BT-4001 cuts down installation to one step. For convention halls, this eliminates the requirement for pre-taping, significantly reducing labor and set up costs. BT-4001 features a differential adhesive system, one side for clean removal and one for aggressive adhesion to challenging surfaces. 


Marking & Labeling

Colored gaffer’s tape can help you color code your equipment for easy identification, whether it be for grouping certain pieces or a hazard notice.

We have multiple colors of BT-260, our Professional Grade Gaffer’s tape, to match your color schemes and internal identification systems. 

Cords & Wires

If you need to secure cords or cables to the floor, Bron AV Cord Tape™ will ensure the cords stay down and a clean removal once you’re done with the show. Both BT-6110 and BT-279 are hand-tearable, conformable, and provide a clean removal. 

BT-6110 has a black and yellow hazard strip to provide high visibility of trip hazards and can help alert attendees of risk areas.

BT-279 features a quality matte finish, with low/no light reflection. 


Our Killer Red® is The World’s Greatest Double-Sided Tape™! For trade shows, Killer Red® can be used for attaching and bonding, decorative mounting, and POP display mounting. The product is clear with a red liner, creating a seamless finished design. 


Are you excited for the return of events and trade shows? We’re excited and stocked with all the tapes needed to make your event run smoothly.