From Slitter to Sales Director

Chris Armstrong started his career at Bron in 1998 as a slitter in the warehouse.

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Chris Armstrong started his career at Bron in 1998 as a slitter in the warehouse.

“I found the job from a friend who was working in the warehouse,” he said. “I didn’t even really know what I wanted to do, I was just happy to have a job at the time.”

After several years, Chris approached Jim Flynn for an opportunity to advance into a sales role.

“I talked to him and sold myself on selling tape, so he gave me a shot,” he said. “I did a ride-along with the guys before moving to sales, so I rode with every rep at the branch until I went out into the field. I was able to see everyone’s different approach to selling tape. Everyone had advice and words of wisdom for me. I could call any one of these guys and they would be ready and willing to help me whenever I needed it.”

Chris still remembers his first sale, a case of masking tape and carton seal to Superior Interiors.

“I told the guy… I’m new to selling tape, anything will help.” “He gave me a 2 case order” he said. “We’re here now, it was tough starting out. But rewarding. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It’s selling tape but also being organized, following up… you have to have a drive to succeed.”

After attending his first Sales Meeting in 2006, Bron felt like family.

“It all comes down to who you work for and who you work with. The sense of being a part of something. It’s an intangible thing. It’s the energy, the camaraderie,” he said. “It lives and breathes in us every day that we’re at Bron. It’s nothing you can attach a word or meaning to.”

Due to the entrepreneurial nature of sales, Chris compares working it to running your own business.

“There’s lots of room for growth and skills that you learn without realizing it or expecting it going in,” he said. “You need to consistently motivate yourself. For me, I just wanted to do a good job and succeed.”

A two-time Salesman of the Year, Chris is consistently setting goals and finding new ways to stay motivated.

“If you make a goal, you better make a new one before you meet it,” he said. “If you work hard and strive to be your best, and strive to do an exceptional job, it will be recognized, and you will have an opportunity to grow.” “The sky’s the limit at Bron!”

In 2021, an opportunity arose for Chris as the Sales Director of our Northern California branch.

“I think Bron looks for opportunity in people. Jim did that for me,” he said. “He might have seen something in me that I didn’t see in myself.”

Reminiscent on his own growth over the last 24 years, Chris advises to “keep an open mind, because the avenues of growth at Bron are plentiful.”

“If you work and you put the time and the effort in, you see the rewards of that in more than one way,” he said. “If you want to put your stamp on something, this is the place to do it!”