Choosing the Right Tape for the Job

Elemental and Weather Resistant Tapes

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Whether you're working on a construction site, completing a DIY project, or need to secure items in extreme conditions, having a tape that can withstand certain elements is crucial. In this article, we'll dive into the reasons why you might need an elementally resistant tape, share some examples of tapes that perform well in different conditions, and offer tips on how to select the right tape for your specific needs. So, let's dive in and discover which tapes are suitable for your next project!

To begin, let’s say your project takes place outdoors and you require a tape that can resist water, chemicals, and solvents, withstand high heat, or even withstand direct exposure to UV rays. All of these are reasons to seek a high performing product!

Below are some of our most popular suggestions for various requirements:

Killer Red® – Weather Resistant

Killer Red® is The World’s Greatest Double Sided Tape™! Unique properties allow Killer Red® to retain high adhesion in outdoor applications while remaining resistant to plasticizers, UV, water, and weather conditions. 

Clean Green® – Solvent/Chemical Resistant

Clean Green® is another uniquely versatile tape. Clean Green® features a unique backing material that makes it chemical resistant, solvent resistant, waterproof, and easily hand tearable. Due to its versatility, it has made a name for itself in many different industries, including construction, screen printing, and auto glass replacement. It’s also UV resistant, like another one of our favorite legacy products.

Killer Bee® – UV Resistant

UV radiation from sunlight can break down adhesives after prolonged exposure, leading to leftover residue and a huge headache.. With clean removal capabilities up to 30 days outdoor and five months indoor, Killer Bee® outperforms traditional masking tapes in direct UV exposure – Taking the STING Out of Residue™! 

Ultra Violet® – Temperature Resistance

Ultra Violet™ is another great masking tape solution but differentiates itself through high temperature resistance. Capable of withstanding up to 300°F for 30 minutes, Ultra Violet™ is a preferred choice for masking applications with a bake cycle or exposure to additional heat. Ultra Violet™ is also UV resistant for up to 28 days in direct UV exposure!

While these products are all exceptional in their category, it can be helpful to speak with an Application Specialist for a product recommendation suited to your specific requirements. Give us a call to get started!