Bron Tapes has 35 years of experience in custom precision slitting services and has the expertise to handle all of your slitting needs. From Master Rolls to Pony Logs, Bron Tapes converts tens of thousands of rolls of tapes a month utilizing shear slitting, razor slitting, and lathe slitting techniques. We possess state-of-the-art equipment and the technology to convert a wide range of products to your exact specifications.

Adhesive tape products are used in a wide range of applications, making it necessary to have these materials available in different forms. Our state-of-the-art converting facilities supply those products in the most user friendly form for a variety of production applications. Our skilled team of Application Specialists is equipped to work closely with you to develop a quick and cost effective solution for your precision slitting needs. Our expansive knowledge of films and adhesives gives us the ability to combine multiple custom converting techniques to fabricate unique and intricate and constructions according to the requirements of your project. We specialize in providing custom and narrow width precision tape slitting rolls to your exact specifications.

Our diverse capabilities include precision slitting, adhesive lamination, rotary die cutting, and custom precision die cutting services. We also specialize in the combination of adhesives and films and are able to produce custom die-cut parts, precision-slit tapes, quickly and cost effectively.

Our vast inventory means that most orders can be converted within 24 hours and enables us to begin the converting process immediately. Your order will be shipped immediately upon completion, allowing you to quickly and easily satisfy your customer’s needs and meet required deadlines. Our manual, automatic, and computerized slitters are equipped with 2 mm to 60 inch wide capability.

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Bron Tapes is a full service converter and distributor of pressure sensitive tapes and other related products. We specialize in converting mill-size tape master rolls to smaller, usable size rolls, and all other aspects of the “specialty tape” business. Because of our unique position in the tape industry, we are equipped and able to provide sizes, put-ups, quantities, colors and types of tape unavailable to the general market at more competitive prices and quantities than mills that sell “direct.”

All of Bron’s regional centers have slitting and converting capabilities, as well as a full stocking warehouse, professional tape sales consultants, and friendly customer service personnel.

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Slitting Capabilities

  • Razor
  • Shear
  • Crush Cut
  • Precision Widths
  • Spooling