Bron Tapes and Bron Aerotech both supply kitted parts to drastically improve efficiency in the manufacturing process.  Custom Kitting has been an integral part of the overall supply chain process for many years.

Kitting, or the organizing of individual components and parts needed for the manufacture of a particular assembly or product in to self-contained containers for issuance to the point of use, is a proven and effective means for achieving inventory control. The process of kitting is often used in manufacturing companies to reduce material handling, improve line assembly, and reduce processing times.

Kitting facilitates streamlined best manufacturing practices by allowing for preparation to be done in advance instead of on the production line, so that the whole process can be more effectively planned out and more easily implemented. It’s a process of reducing manufacturing steps as a technique for cost and time saving. The use of Custom Kits in a manufacturing setting insures that all items required are presented in an orderly manner and can be removed from the “kit” quickly and without damage. Money is not wasted on lost, damaged, or over-stocked inventory and there is an accurate accounting of current inventory for improved sales forecasting.

Bron Kitting enables accelerated response times between order placement and production, and results in more effective quality control on the assembly line, because there is assurance that all of the proper components and the method of assembly are clearly available. Kitting for planned and scheduled work makes processing easier, enhances the reliability of production, increases uptime and productivity, creates less stress for the implementer, and allows smoother operation of the task.

It is highly effective to have kits for routine work delivered in advance to the applicable drop zone or location. This allows time to review and verify that all the required materials are present and correct and eliminates expensive disruptions caused by not having the right materials to accomplish the task within the scheduled time frame.

The implementation of kitting can lead to better, more efficient ways to improve production time and quality, reduce cost per unit, and improve human capital utilization. There are hidden savings, beyond the cost of the product in the bin; custom kitting reduces inventory, thereby reducing required for floor space for storage, ultimately reducing rent costs.

The benefits of kitting include:

  • Reduce material overhead costs
  • Reduce inventory costs and storage
  • Material yield improvements
  • Eliminate excess and obsolete inventory
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduce hand/touch labor time

Our global clients are eager to receive Bron Kits in their warehouses and stores. We can customize tapes, sizes, and cuts to the exact specifications you need.  Our kits can include exact quantities of standard tape for a national restaurant franchise, short length rolls of duct tape and electrical tape for auto emergency packs, and nearly everything in between. Our team of Bron Application Specialists will work with you to determine your kit needs and develop the exact custom kitting that will serve your company or project best.

Bron Tapes continues to be the American leader in tape and adhesive applications.
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