Bron Tapes can print your logo, or other artwork, and produce custom printed tape products, tailored for your company. Large or small quantities, any color ink, low minimums, quick turn around! Bron’s standard printed tapes are the ideal solution for box marking, security, advertising, and warnings. Dozens of standard legends to choose from. Bron Tapes is a UL Approved Label Printer. (old catalog)

There are virtually unlimited reasons to consider getting stock or custom printed tape for your business. We have a library of tapes currently available for purchase. We also have the ability to print your custom color image or text on a variety of tapes. We have years of experience designing and printing for businesses in most industries. We can help you plan the text and image that work best for your needs.

Product Information

  • Security Seal
  • Brand Name Recognition
  • Advertising
  • Custom Packaging
  • Tape PVC, PP, Paper
  • Widths 3/8” – 6”
  • Product Identification
  • Replaces Expensive Printed Boxes
  • Die Cut
  • Up to 3 Colors
  • Long or Short Rolls
  • Perforated

Some Standards Include

  • Damaged
  • Stop If Seal Is Broken
  • Fragile
  • Stop!
  • Parts Enclosed
  • Packing List Enclosed



Tape Types

  • Polyproppylene Tape – Standard, heavy and extra-heavy duty.
  • Paper Tape – Water-activated and eco-friendly.
  • PVC Tape – Strong vinyl adhesive and backing for heavy boxes.
  • Flat Back Tape – Easy-tear and easy-peal.


  • Brand Promotion –
    • Tape with your logo and slogan is more
  • Services Awareness –
  • Tamper Evidence –
    • Tamper-Evident Kraft Gummed Carton Sealing Tape – This tape cannot be removed undetected. The advanced layers separate leaving the red bottom layer showing the break-in attempt.
    • Security Carton Sealing Tape – By having a custom print on the tape of your choice you make it impossible to hide or re-align tape that has been cut or to pull it off and replace it.
  • Lower Cost –
  • Warning Message –
  • Certification Display –
  • Text Label –


Our sales force has recently found some innovative solutions and
discovered some exciting opportunities in printed tape. Two recent examples of this involve Kevin Kelly at Bron CO and Chris Soukup at Bron WA who have landed some interesting sales opportunities lately. Both opportunities involved selling solutions to
problems and selling a higher quality product.

Printing Specs

  • ink adheres to adhesive

    1214 (BT435) - Heavy duty thick polypropylene backing with solvent based acrylic adhesive. This product masters the most difficult carton sealing applications. Use 3" for shipping heavy items like machine parts. Great for customers looking for the characteristics of reinforced paper gum tape. Available in clear only.

    Thickness: 3.6mil Adhesion: 36 oz./in. Tensile: 38 lbs./in.

    560/520 (BT430) - Heavy duty polypropylene backing with a quick grabbing natural rubber adhesive. Great for use in cold temperature applications. Perfect for recycled boxes. Available in clear only.

    Thickness: 2.9mil Adhesion: 30 oz./in. Tensile: 28lbs./in.

    1211 - Our most common adhesive-side printed tape requested. Value priced polypropylene with solvent based acrylic adhesive. Ideal for long length automatic carton sealing applications. A terrific product for the customer who wants a high quality lower cost printed tape solution. Opportunities for reduced plate charges. Available in clear only.

    Thickness: 1.8mil Adhesion: 22 oz./in. Tensile: 16 lbs./in.

  • ink adheres to film

    Standard PVC - Premium quality PVC backing with rubber adhesive that unwinds quietly. A thicker film with higher adhesion and tensile strengths. Material is heat shrinkable. Not suggested for use with recycled boxes. Stocked in white or clear. Available in tan by special order.

    Thickness: 2.4mil Adhesion: 18 oz./in. Tensile: 27 lbs./in.


    Colored PVC - Same characteristics as standard PVC with colored backing. Material is heat shrinkable. Available in red, yellow, & flourescent orange only. Pricing and minimums may vary by color.

    Thickness: 2.4mil Adhesion: 18 oz./in. Tensile: 27 lbs./in.


    Davik 850 Colors - Vibrant colored polypropylene backing with a white hot melt rubber adhesive system. Gives a much better look than flood coated materials. Stocked in red & yellow only. Other colors available - minimums may apply.

    Thickness: 1.9mil Adhesion: 43 oz./in. Tensile: 20 lbs./in.


    40 Micron - The ultimate polypropylene backing with hot melt rubber adhesive system. 20% thicker with 23% more adhesion over the 30 micron. This superior quality tape is great for demanding applications. Long length - no problem. Available in white only.

    Thickness: 2.5mil Adhesion: 43 oz./in. Tensile: 33 lbs./in.


    30 Micron - Our most common tape printed. Premium quality polypropylene film with hot melt rubber adhesive. Versatile product works expertly in most carton sealing operations. Long length applications are a snap. Opportunities exist for reduced plate charges. Available in white, tan, or clear.

    Thickness: 2.0mil Adhesion: 34 oz./in. Tensile: 25 lbs./in

  • CP64 - Crepe paper backing with a moderate high tack rubber based adhesive. Great for use in pizza box applications. Great for warehouse use since it can be written on with pens/markers. Stocked in red. Other colors available (minimums may apply).

    Thickness: 6.5mil Adhesion: 44 oz./in. Tensile: 23 lbs./in.


    FP227 - Flatback paper backing with a moderate tack rubber based adhesive. Generally repositionable due to lighter tack adhesive. Sometimes referred to as “artists tape”. “Organically grown” print used to wrap organic vegetables. Often used for windows/windshield marking. Stocked in white & yellow. Other colors available (minimums may apply).

    Thickness: 6.3mil Adhesion: 42 oz./in. Tensile: 30 lbs./in.