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Bron Tapes produces high temperature-tolerant belts on site in our Denver, CO flagship location.


Bron Tapes provides PTFE belts for many industries, including:
  • – Screen Printers | Process Drying | Graphics Industry
    • PTFE coated fiberglass mesh. Sewn & Sealed fabric reinforced edge with metal alligator splice. Natural tan or UV black. Options: U.V. resistant black coating, film edge, cover flap over seam. PTFE coated Kevlar® mesh or Nomex® mesh fabric.
  • – Food Manufacturing | Tortillas | Candy making
    • High build 10 mil PTFE coated fiberglass belt. Kevlar® reinforced fabric hinge splice to accept customer supplied rod. PTFE Laminates. Options: PTFE coated Kevlar® carcass, butt splice.
  • – Fusing Press | Apparel Manufacturers
    • 10 mil anti-static black PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. 1" x 45° overlap seam with rounded corners to prevent lifting of seam. Options: Film over seam, film reinforced edges to prevent fraying.
  • – Shrink Wrapping
    • PTFE coated fiberglass mesh belt with 1" fabric sewn & sealed edge reinforcement, metal alligator splice and cover flap. Options: Film edge, fabric hinge seam
    • Red silicone coated fiberglass, single ply, single side coated with metal alligator splice and cover flap. Options: 2 or 3 ply carcass, two side coated, other colors.