3M SRx Safety Eyewear

Introducing new 3M Package Pricing Programs for Safety Prescription Eyewear! Ordering SRx has never been this easy.

From respiratory protection, to welding helmets, to the exceptional prescription safety eyewear you’ll fi nd in this catalog, 3M offers a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions. Celebrating over 40 years of occupational health & safety leadership, 3M continues to be a visionary pioneer and trusted source in its field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has some interesting facts about work-related eye injuries. For example, did you know that more than 1,200 workers each day suffer from eye injuries simply because they do not wear protective eyewear?

Eye injuries can be prevented by:

  • 3M-SRx-1Always wearing effective eye protection. OSHA standards require employers to provide workers with suitable eye protection. To be effective, the eyewear must be properly fitted and appropriate for the type of hazard encountered.
  • Better training and education. Workers injured while not wearing protective eyewear most often say they believed protective eyewear was not required by their regular job or situation. Even though the vast majority of employers furnish eye protection at no cost to employees, about 40% of the workers receive no information on where and what kind of eyewear should be used.
  • Maintenance. Eye protection devices must be properly maintained. Scratched and dirty devices reduce vision, cause glare and may contribute to accidents, eye-related or otherwise. Scratched or damaged eyewear should be replaced immediately.


How to Order 3M SRx Eyeware

Simply complete the small form below. You will be provided with a confirmation form with PO number which can then be taken to one of the more than 2000 Eye Care Professionals in our dispensing network who will provide assistance with product selection and fit. Your account will be invoiced after the completed eyewear has been shipped.

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Bron will email a confirmation with PO Number to you within two (2) business days. Please print it out for your employee(s) to bring with them to the Eye Care Professional.  Approve either regular or sunglasses and basic or enhanced options (see above for details).

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2nd – Employees – View Catalog and Eye Care Professional Locations

Choose an Eye Care Professional near you to assist with selection and fit. You can also view the catalog online at the link below.

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Scotchgard Hard Coat Easy Clean

3M’s SuperCoteTM premium scratch resistant coating is used as a base foundation which provides enhanced scratch resistance versus a standard hard coating. We have added an EASY CLEAN stain resistant top coating that helps keep the lenses clean longer and enhances durability, giving the lens additional protection from dust, dirt and grime, water spots, paint splatter and finger prints.3M-SRx-Scotchguard

3M Anti-fog Coating

Our 3M Anti-fog (AF) coating features a primer-based process that creates an integral bond with the lens for a durable and permanent Anti-fog performance. 3M Anti-fog can be cleaned with any alcohol-based eyeglass cleaner. 3M Anti-fog coating can also be rejuvenated. 3M Anti-fog coating is applied to both sides of the safety lenses for a high level of protection from fogging.


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You will receive a confirmation with within two (2) business days to the “Requestor Email” when billing has been approved. You can then share it with your employee(s) to select the frames within their package and select their nearest Eye Care Professional.

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